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Obviously my video archives are already chock-full of new videos and movie classics I've shot over the last six years. But now all my latest video releases will be available in high definition (HD video) up to 1280x720 pixels (720p) which is a common HDTV standard. All you need is Windows Media Player or Quicktime for Mac (using the free Flip4Mac plugin) and you're good to go. Also my new HD video releases will not be DRM protected. Below you can see a couple of already available and upcoming HD video downloads.

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Bikini Bounce HD — This slutty goo face is from the slow motion bikini bounce video which I shot in England this summer. As hot as those bouncing videos are on their own I just didn't want to release them without me taking at least one load to the face. So I re-shot the ending and swallowed like a good girl.

Bikini Throatfuck HD — This was the first ever video I did in high def. Great close ups of me getting my throat stuffed missionary style. The oral cum shot and swallowing finish is actually larger than life if viewed at full resolution. It almost feels like being right there only a foot away from the action.

Cum Hungry HD — Back by popular demand and bigger than ever. Cum eating with a spoon. I love doing that kind of weird cumplay. It's nice to be able to spice things up a little now and then by going a bit further than most girls would. And that skin tight bustier rocked, my boobs look amazing as does my bubble butt.

Cum Splatter HD — I absolutely love the cumshot/cumdrooling finish. You could argue that it's not a clean swallowing finale, but for some reason I found the combined oral and tits cumshot (including the hand-fed cum eating bits at the end) really hot to watch. Can't wait to read your reviews on the board.

Beach Slut HD — A sucking, fucking and cum squirting race against the setting sun. Shot on a pebble beach, almost in real-time. I was glad we had to finish quickly as kneeling on those rocks was extremely painful. My knees and feet were busted up pretty bad. The things I do for a good blowjob...

Condom Swallow HD — There's something about sucking cum out of used condoms that feels really dirty and degrading, in a good way. Despite the awful taste I keep doing it again and again and it never fails to give me that little extra kick I need when I have one of my "do me any way you like" days.

Cowgirl Anal HD — Obedient cowgirl that I am you can ride me any way you like. I love it when you go back and forth between my ass and my mouth. Anal is cool but sucking cock as you're getting your butt pumped is even more fun. No need for ky jelly when you can simply fuck my throat to lube yourself up.

Facialeyes HD — Even though I'm not a big fan of facials (as the cum swallowing gets more complicated and part of the jizz is always wasted) I have to admit that this is a really nice scene. It's a big load and it goes right into my eye. I nevertheless managed to scoop up a big mouthful and swallowed it all.

Miami Sperm Cocktail HD — This is my second "cum drinking from a bottle" video and probably one of the more disgusting things you'll see in a while. If you've ever wondered what happens to semen if you mix it with coke or pepsi, you're about to find out. I did drink it though, cum sucking pro that I am...

Creampie HD — I almost broke my neck doing my first ever creampie scene on HD. It's something I'm not very experienced with. I usually like my loads delivered directly onto my tongue so I've still got to figure out the transfer problem, you know, how to get the cum from pussy to mouth without losing any.

Bellyflop HD — I like to go deep and gag on cock. And I believe that getting a deep throat blowjob is a lot more fun if the guys see you struggle and choke a little. If things go too smooth, like there's nothing to it, then what's the point? After all those years, I still can't always control my gag reflex.

Jungle HD — It was unbelievably hot that day and the mosquitoes were eating me alive. There's some really good "balls to the lips" deep throat action in the middle of this outdoors scene and a pretty weird but interesting cum eating shot (involving a pair of jizz drenched sunglasses) at the end. Check it out.

Two Holes HD — There's so much talk about me eating the goo and taking it up the ass that you're probably wondering if someone ever takes the time to do my pussy. Fortunately yes, they do. There's plenty of straight forward pussy fucking going on at Cumtrainer. And in life-sized high def it really looks awesome.

Summer Dress HD — Regarding the cum drinking finish: Somehow the autofocus got switched off right in the middle of the oral cum shot, but my inventive semen donor saved the day by quickly fetching a transparent plastic cup to get a second cum spitting and swallowing sequence out of this shoot. A must see.

Spooky HD — Our new HD camcorder has an interesting NightShot mode (infrared) and I wanted to experiment a little with that look. So I did a test movie and I have to admit the "mood" is quite unique. Spooky actually, hence the title. Can't wait to try this in public, like a movie theatre with people sitting around.

Slow Bounce HD — Boy, what an intro! I mentioned last week that I had a little video surprise up my sleeve and here it is. Me bouncing up and down on the couch in true slow motion. It's spectacular when played back in real-time. I know this may not sound like much but check out the footage yourself. Drool.

Boobalanche — Yes, I'm proud of my big tits. I'd rather have a fat ass than no tits. Fortunately I was genetically blessed in that regard and I try to show off my rack any chance I get. Regardless if it's in a video or privately in public, I love to turn heads and have guys stare at my cleavage. Evil, I know.

Hoops HD — I almost lost an ear shoting this video. Seriously, never allow someone to throat fuck you when he's holding on to your earrings. It sounded like a fun idea but I hurt myself in the first minute so we had to start over again and slow down a little. Great cum eating finish involving a saucer at the end.

Reflections HD — Take one mirror and you get some pretty interesting shots. Take two mirrors and you get the video equivalent of an Escher drawing. Nobody has a clue where to look or point the camera. Considering the confusion it's surprising that this turned out to be one of the hottest scenes I've done all year.

Shagpad HD — This one is a little "special" because of it's rather unusual fucking sequence. I won't spoil the fun by telling you what it is, but it's quite interesting to watch and a different spin on something I've done before. Digital video technologies and hardcore porn go very well together if done right :)

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